Big Day for PreK

Big Day for PreK™ offers learning experiences and materials that support children’s social and emotional, academic, and physical development. The curriculum is organized into eight thematic units. Each unit includes weekly and daily lessons with whole-group learning activities, small group instruction, and learning centers.

Summary of Curriculum Review

  • Promotes research-based teaching practices in all Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework (ELOF) domains, but promotes few research-based teaching practices to support the Scientific Reasoning domain
  • Provides sequences of learning that gradually build children’s knowledge and skills and ways to individualize learning experiences based on children’s strengths and needs
  • Specifies developmentally appropriate learning goals throughout all curriculum activities
  • Promotes ongoing observations of children’s learning and development
  • Provides a range of strategies and resources to support parent and family engagement
  • Offers comprehensive standardized training and materials to support implementation
  • Provides specific prompts to extend children’s learning throughout activities
  • Gives specific guidance to scaffold the development and learning of children who are dual language learners (DLLs)
  • Offers specific adaptations of learning activities for children with disabilities, suspected delays, or other special needs and some guidance on how to ensure the physical environment is fully accessible
  • Provides strategies to make learning experiences responsive to individual children’s strengths and needs
  • Lacks ample opportunities for child-initiated play, activities based on children’s interests, and open-ended exploration
  • Lacks guidance on culturally responsive interactions, learning experiences, and materials
  • Provides limited guidance on how to incorporate children’s home languages into the learning experiences and environment