Christ In Us K-8th

School Edition forms Catholic identity and builds religious literacy through a comprehensive and developmentally appropriate presentation of the faith using current educational methodology.

Cross-Curricular Connections

Reinforces learning in other disciplines and make connections to faith themes being taught through chapter learning center components and cross-curricular unit projects.

Reflects the Newest NCEA IFG: ACRE Edition Standards

Be assured students are learning and applying the basics of the Catholic faith with a curriculum that reflects the newest NCEA IFG: ACRE Edition Standards.

Features a Unique and Effective Scripture Reflection Process

Students listen for God’s voice speaking personally to them through Sacred Scripture and are invited to respond through reflection and prayer.

Reaches Parents and Families

Involves parents through a variety of resources that help the entire family grow in faith and equip them with the skills necessary to communicate the truths of the faith to their children in developmentally appropriate ways.

Student Books 

Developmentally appropriate text, images, and activities address multiple learning styles and engage students’ senses and imagination. Students encounter Sacred Scripture that is prayed with, reflected upon, studied, and applied to their daily lives.