Collections: 6th-8th


6th through 8th grade Collections Textbooks are both rigorous and interactive as they have online resources, related subject links, audio stories and vocabulary terminology, and similar articles and literature of theme and subject.

Each Collections Textbook is comprised of 6 separate collections, and all have an overall theme that the stories within are related to.  Within each collection for each grade level, students will read fiction and non-fiction short stories, novel exerpts, poetry, subject articles, and related informational text.  All Collection Textbooks include all the genres of literature, writing, and story elements.

In addition to reading comprehension, Collections offers close reads, characterization, citing text, annotation, expository elements, literary elements, written genre, and oral commentaries.  Each Collection includes relative performance tasks such as text analyzing, visual presentations, use of context clues, and multi-media resources via the internet and app links.

Below is the Collection Textbook breakdown by both grade and themed schematics for learning, applying, and evaluating:


Collections 6th Grade:

Collection 1- Facing Fear

Collection 2- Animal Intelligence

Collection 3- Dealing with Disaster

Collection 4- Voice Heard

Collection 5- Decisions that Matter

Collection 6- What Tales Tell


Collections 7th Grade:

Collection 1- Bold Actions

Collection 2- Perception and Reality

Collection 3- Nature at Work

Collection 4- Risk and Exploration

Collection 5- The Stuff of Consumer Culture

Collection 6- Guided by a Cause


Collections 8th Grade:

Collection 1- Culture and Belonging

Collection 2- The Thrill of Horror

Collection 3- The Move Toward Freedom

Collection 4- Approaching Adulthood

Collection 5- Anne Frank’s Legacy

Collection 6- The Value of Work