Ruah Woods – Theology of the Body Series Grades 5-8

Ruah Woods – Rooted – 6th-8th Grade

Our Theology of the Body curriculum for students in grades 6-8, ROOTED, will help your students explore scripture, Pope St. John Paul II’s teaching, and their own dignity in 6 grade-specific, accessible units. Through ROOTED, your students will be able to understand what it means to be made in God’s image, begin to see themselves and others as gifts, and grow their own roots and wings in God’s perfect plan.

Ruah Woods – Revealed – 5th Grade

Our elementary school Theology of the Body (TOB) curriculum, called REVEALED, is literature-based, using richly illustrated stories to delve deeper into the foundational concepts of TOB—using a language we can all understand. Through the curriculum, we look at what it means to be human: male or female, how to live as a gift to others, and what it means to have heaven as our ultimate destiny.