Pere Bo School in the Chapel of Fatima

PROJECT:  Pere Bo School in the Chapel of Fatima

LOCATION:  The school of Pere Bo is located in the parish of Degrange in the Diocese of Port-de-Paix. It is the far north of the country, some 7-9 hours road trip from the capital:  Port-au-Prince. The only main road which runs north/south through the country is a very rocky path that goes through several rivers and over mountainsides.


The chapel Fatima was established in 1974 and in 2012 the school was reconstructed a renamed in honor of Pere Boniface Fils Aime. The Pere Bo School was recently reconstructed because the original school was in very poor shape. It is one of seven schools scattered throughout the mountains in the region. The pastor of the parish is Pere Emile Chepa, who is assisted by one other priests and a team of catechists that help reach the different chapels in the different areas.  The parish has a vehicle, but it is often in disrepair due to the rough roads in the region.

Jobs are scarce in this area and agriculture is difficult due to vast droughts and inadequate irrigation.  The soil is also extensively eroded due to widespread deforestation.  During times of heavy rains in the Degrange parish area, the narrow rivers overflow, causing flash floods that destroy feeble homes and claim many lives. Many people, in the area of Degrange, lack adequate nutrition.  The children suffer from stomachaches due to hunger and disease.  Medical care is mostly inaccessible to them.


Population: Parish population of about 85,000



Number of Students- 150 children

Education -$1,620.00 per year

Nutritional Plan -$845.00 per year

Total- $2,465.00